THL4201 High and low temperature test instrument

Stelight Instrument THL4201 is developed for optical TOcomponent, such as TOSA/ROSA etc,. High/Low temperature test-set, and THL6201is developed foroptical Transceiver (module) High/Low temperature test-set Unlike traditional big-size oven or much more expensive thermal stream, both THL4201 and THL4201 are based on TEC, which make the new solution compact (small size) and low cost. Stelight Instrument tryto build THL4201/6201 as a replacement of traditional Oven or Thermalstream for optical passive/active components or transceiver module High/Low Temperature testing.
– Dimensions (D x W x H): 450mmx 350mm x150mm@THL4201
– Weight: Approx. Less than 20kg
– Operating temperature -20°C to +50 °C
– Operating humidity 20% to 80%, noncondensing
– Altitude The maximum operating altitude is 2000m.
– Warm-up time 10 minutes
– Interfaces The instruments can be controlled via USB interfaces
– Power consumption Line power: 5V Power Adaptor AC 90~250V, 50~60Hz, 6Wmax.